Dan Price

For a long time, I sat blinded in a blank state of detachment. The hunger to fill this emptiness lit an unexpected fire to purchase my first tattoo kit. Although I am originally from Clearwater, Florida, I took my passion of music and art with me to Delaware after regretfully tattooing some neighborhood friends.

While studying at the University of Delaware, I continued this new practice rather unsuccessfully before I sought and locked in a three year apprenticeship at "The G Spot Tattoos" in Wilmington. This new reality pushed me to transfer to Delaware College of Art and Design where I graduated with a degree in Illustration. It was only in the year to follow that I began tattooing full time at "The G Spot Tattoos."

I moved to Miami in 2011, securing a tattoo position at "Salvation Tattoo Lounge" for two years. Not long after leaving Salvation, I began working for Chris Nunez, of Spike TV's Inkmasters & former co-creator of Miami ink, as an artist at his shop in Miami called Handcrafted Tattoo, which is now located in Fort Lauderdale.

It was mid 2015 when I dove into my own experiment and opened The Lab where I specialize in Black and Grey realism. Black and White imagery to me in particular (stonework, sculptures, architect, paintings) is classical, timeless, and reminds me of a time when art was pure with zero shortcuts and minimal technology to achieve such greatness.

I get questioned about why I do not dabble in all realms of tattooing, and the only honest answer I can seem to give is that I have never seen anyone master multiple realms of tattooing, let alone completely master one to his or her satisfaction in a lifetime. Can I mentally fulfill my dream of mastering one medium of art in one style, all while changing lives with a positive force of vibes?

I only hope to attack any and all possible uphill battles with a headstrong belief to be the best person we can be to ourselves, our families, and our clients. I'm excited to help guide this tattoo movement in a limitless upscale direction. I believe people would like to think they understand the value of many things, in which there is none. I want the world to appreciate the value of a tattoo and its power to turn heads, change minds, and tell stories.

Tori Fernandez

Tori was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  She has always been infatuated with the art and beauty of tattoos, yet her first works were done while she was a scholar. After being introduced to the tattoo industry she earned support from friends, family, and respected artists, which excelled this passion to reality. This outpour of support encouraged her to seek an apprenticeship that helped sharpen her drawing skills and learn how to transfer her sketches onto the skin. Tori specializes in Black and Grey Realism with an emphasis on portraiture, skulls, roses and horror; juxtaposing the cohesion of beauty and horror alike. She also portrays color realism by layering different colors to create dramatic artwork on the skin.

"When I first started, my biggest inspirations were Bob Tyrell and Paul Acker, the greatest influencers of Black and Grey, and Color Realism tattoos. Tyrell's ability to capture an array of tones using a variation of diluted blacks pushed me to expand and research new black and grey hues while maintaining a sense of drama in the image. Acker's ability to portray intoxicating colors and textures in his portrait works remains my greatest inspiration even nowadays. Tattooing to me is a way to introduce something new to one's perception of themselves! It gives me a chance to be a part of their life and ability to create a new chapter in it. Giving my clients a riveting piece of artwork that they will later wear on themselves is a lifelong gratification."