Dan Price

For a long time, I sat blinded in a blank state of detachment. The hunger to fill this emptiness lit an unexpected fire to purchase my first tattoo kit. Although I am originally from Clearwater, Florida, I took my passion of music and art with me to Delaware after regretfully tattooing some neighborhood friends.

While studying at the University of Delaware, I continued this new practice rather unsuccessfully before I sought and locked in a three year apprenticeship at "The G Spot Tattoos" in Wilmington. This new reality pushed me to transfer to Delaware College of Art and Design where I graduated with a degree in Illustration. It was only in the year to follow that I began tattooing full time at "The G Spot Tattoos."

I moved to Miami in 2011, securing a tattoo position at "Salvation Tattoo Lounge" for two years. Not long after leaving Salvation, I began working for Chris Nunez, of Spike TV's Inkmasters & former co-creator of Miami ink, as an artist at his shop in Miami called Handcrafted Tattoo, which is now located in Fort Lauderdale.

It was mid 2015 when I dove into my own experiment and opened The Lab where I specialize in Black and Grey realism. Black and White imagery to me in particular (stonework, sculptures, architect, paintings) is classical, timeless, and reminds me of a time when art was pure with zero shortcuts and minimal technology to achieve such greatness.

I get questioned about why I do not dabble in all realms of tattooing, and the only honest answer I can seem to give is that I have never seen anyone master multiple realms of tattooing, let alone completely master one to his or her satisfaction in a lifetime. Can I mentally fulfill my dream of mastering one medium of art in one style, all while changing lives with a positive force of vibes?

I only hope to attack any and all possible uphill battles with a headstrong belief to be the best person we can be to ourselves, our families, and our clients. I'm excited to help guide this tattoo movement in a limitless upscale direction. I believe people would like to think they understand the value of many things, in which there is none. I want the world to appreciate the value of a tattoo and its power to turn heads, change minds, and tell stories.